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An Ancetral House collapsed dueing heavy floods in July, 022 copy 2.jpg


“Prayogillu: A Social Sculpture is my ancestral house (vellulla, Telangana, India) that is artistically conceptualized site-specific interdisciplinary and alternate place as an experiment in rural-global connection as well as for community that aims to blur and reconfigure both social engagement in the rural world, and rural and global cultures”


"Prayogillu: A Social Sculpture is an interdisciplinary place that fosters engagement with students and villagers in a rural area with various programs like community library, virtual lectures, video screening, digital literacy, experiential learning, foreign languages, yoga, dance, group games, arts, artist in residency, artists and community, women empowerment programs and lectures, and sports"

Prayogillu: A Social Sculpture, Vellulla, Telangana, India

Remote Prayogillu, Back Space Gallery, Art lofts, UW-Madison, USA

 Triangular Cultural Dialogue: Prayogillu, Remote Prayogillu, and Guest Speaker

A traingular Cultural dialogue  copy.jpg


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