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Social Creativity

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In social creativity, the use of colors and the integration of text and drawings go beyond mere actions by active participants; they encompass the interpretation of knowledge and the understanding of real-world problems through creative practices and critical analysis. This involves adding personal narratives, embracing a variety of diverse perspectives and voices, and considering the broader context of social, cultural, and economic dynamics. The project aims to explore how active participants shape creative narratives informed by their environment, socio-cultural dynamics, and the rapidly changing technological landscape.

As part of the project, Prayogillu is conducting “Social Creativity” sessions in public and private schools near the villages and towns surrounding Prayogillu. 

Sri Vijaya Sai School, Metpally, Telangana, India (Participation of Students: 67)

Bachpan School, Metpally, Telangana, India (Participation of Students: 17)

Zilla Parishad High School (ZPHS), Jaggasagar, Telangana, India (Participation of Students: 20)

Rajeshwarraopet School, Telangana, India (Participation of Students: 12)

Metlachittapoor School, Telangana, India (Participation of Students: 15)