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Library of Shared Objects 

Prayogillu’s Library of Shared Objects is a curated collection of essential objects for daily life, including carpentry tools, welding equipment, agricultural tools, occupational tools, sewing machines, sport gear, and more. The main objective is to make these practical items readily available to villagers. Through this initiative, these objects are accessible to everyone, allowing villagers to borrow them free of charge for their various needs, alleviating any financial burden. 


This unique library not only encourages villagers to actively engage with these materials but also seeks to revive India’s ancient goods exchange method, the Barter System. The concept is to foster a sense of community sharing, where individuals can borrow the tools, they require without the need for monetary transactions.


The objects housed in the library are considered shared goods, open for use by anyone in need to complete their tasks. As a part of its mission, Prayogillu aims to gradually expand the list of available objects in the library, catering to the evolving needs of the local community. This expansion is driven by a commitment to fostering a better life for the villagers through the promotion of mutual and shared values. 

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