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Cross-Cultural Rangoli (Gujarat and Telangana, India), 26 March 2023. 


Cross-cultural Rangoli is a collaborative art project between the Prayogillu community in Vellulla, Telangana, and participants from the v2 project in Vadodara, Gujarat. Through this collaboration, both communities engaged in conversations about their respective cultures, festivals, traditions, and food. This dialogue served as a foundation for creating a magnificent cross-cultural Rangoli in a public space near Prayogillu. The project aimed to foster intergenerational engagement and inclusivity. At the culmination of the project, the participants formed a human chain in a circular formation around the expansive Rangoli. This symbolic act represented the unity and harmony between the communities. The social and cultural engagement throughout the project nurtured relationships and forged friendships between the Prayogillu community and the v2 project participants.

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