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Summer Water Point (Every Year from March -May)

Prayogillu’s Summer Water Point” project quenches the thisrt of the village during the scorching summer. From March to May, temperatures soar to approximately 40-45 degrees Celsius (100-113 Fahrenheit) every year in most parts of India. Positioned on the main road of the village, Prayogillu serves as a crucial point along the route that connects several villages Ramalachakapeta, Vittmapet, Metla Chittapur, Jeggasagar, Atmakur, and Atmanagar. The Summer Water Point” acts as a lifesaver, providing water to both the villagers and those passing through Prayogillu during the hot summer. It serves as a testament to Prayogillu’s role as a catalyst, embodying the essence of a public servant. By understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of the local community, Prayogillu actively practices its commitment to ensuring the availability of drinking water for local community and those travelling through Prayogillu during the hot summer.  

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