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Story Telling

Story Telling is the way to building relationships among intergenerational community members in rural India. There is a significant relational gap between young people and senior citizens due to technological advancement. Prayogillu emphasized this difference to fill the gap with a conversation between them. The younger generation asked very thoughtful questions to senior citizens. The questions related to food, lifestyle, transportation, health, and education. In this process, the younger generation learned facts from senior citizens who walked miles to invite people for festivals/social functions (it was an oral invitation), They had no headache because their life was organic and contact with environment , mentioned it in their conversation, and ate in clay pots. Because of these reasons, they maintained good health without severe physical and mental health issues. Senior citizens also told stories about how the village functioned. They are not happy with the changes in the rural with modern lifestyles. This ocnverstaion inspired children in many ways to contemplate how to live in modern time. In this storytelling, the conversation was an aesthetic experience to exchange knowledge between both communities. 

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