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Public Servant Bicycle

The bicycle, a symbol deeply ingrained in Indian culture, holds particular significance in rural communities where it is perceived as an economic necessity. It plays a crucial role in daily transportation owing to its affordability and accessibility.


To further expand on this concept, Prayogillu envisioned a transformative bicycle known as the "Public Servant Bicycle." With the modification of equipping the bicycle with a wireless Bluetooth speaker, this innovation takes the traditional bicycle to new heights. This feature allows villagers to freely utilize the bicycle for various purposes, primarily for publicity.


Villagers can leverage the bicycle's capabilities to announce cultural festivals, share stories behind festivals, and advertise events such as sports and other social and cultural programs within the village. This modification not only enhances communication but also adds a dynamic and engaging dimension to community interactions. This bicycle was donated by one of the residents of the village. 

Public Servant Bicycle .JPG
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