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2nd Remote Prayogillu, Back Space Gallery, Art Lofts, UW-Madison, USA

2nd Remote Prayogillu temporarily for three days initiated at Back Space Gallery, Art Lofts, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. Remote Prayogillu connected to actual Prayogillu in india from Feb 15-17, 2022 through Internet connected TV for live workshops and community breakfast. This Remote Prayogillu was supported by the University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts "Graduate Student Creative Arts Award."There were two live workshops by local (Madison) artists Derick Wycherly, Caitlin Mary Margarette, and one Community Breakfast between Madison (USA) and Vellulla (India) from Feb 15 – 17, 2022. Derick introduced Monotype printing to the rural community at Prayogillu. Catlin made them do animals through the pinch pot technique with clay. Ten people joined from Madison at Remote Prayogillu to share breakfast virtually with Vellulla, India. While having Tea and Poha, both communities virtually exchanged cultural dialogues such as lifestyle, climate, festivals, languages, etc., Remote Prayogillu's main objective is to make a cultural dialogue between global and rural communities as well as share knowledge back and forth to build a robust global community. 

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Live Workshops

Community Breakfast between Madison (USA) & Vellulla (India)

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