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V2 Project (Vadodara to Vellulla-Vellulla to Vadodara)

V2 is an intercultural exchange project between Vadodara (City), and Vellulla (Village). Vadodara city is in Gujarat, the western part of India. And Vellulla village is in Telangana state, the southern part of India. This project’s main objective is to make both communities understand various perspectives within the world in which they live and helps to eliminate negative stereotypes and personal biases about different communities regardless of race, gender, and caste.


Both communities will get an opportunity to have cross-cultural dialogues with local communities respectively. I have shared my life between these two places when I was in India. I was born in Vellulla where Prayogillu is located. I lived in Vadodara for more than a decade after my grad school from 2007-20. This intercultural experience changed the way I look at things in the world

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Prayogillu’s First Guests from Vadodara to Vellulla (6-8 June, 2022)

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Families of Vivek and Amish were invited to visit Vellulla by Prayogillu. They did a road trip from Vadodara to Vellulla and drove 961 km in a single day. Both families stayed at Prayogillu. During their stay in the village, they enjoyed local food and explored the village surroundings. They played/interacted with local people. Cross-cultural practice and urban and rural interactions enhanced relationships between both communities and widened acceptance levels. This cultural exchange also improved assumptions and myths about other cultures and communities.

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