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First Remote PrayogIllu: Sadguru Kabir Ghyanashram, Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Swami Shri Balkrishnadasji Saheb, was the founder of Sadguru Kabir Gyanashram. It was established in Vadodara, Gujarat state, India in 1952. Sadguru Kabir Gyanashram’s vision was to establish the ashram as a space where one can gain all kinds of knowledge, which help one destroy the veil of ignorance. After Swami Saheb, Padmanaabh Saheb continued his vision by holding events/activities with school & college students, talks by National & International expert speakers, book reviews/presentations, documentary screenings, different kinds of workshops, and meditation. These activities and more have been organised and are still being established here in Sadguru Kabir Gyanashram. 

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First remote PrayogIllu was initiated at Sadguru Kabir Gyanashram, Vadodara city, Gujarat, India for three days from January 4th to 6th, 2022. Remote ParyogIllu in Vadodara connected for three days virtually with PrayogIllu in Vellulla Village, Telangana, India. There were three virtual lectures conducted by experts from different locations in India. Students of Prayogillu (Vellulla) and Remote Prayogillu (Vadodara) actively participated during the virtual sessions. Vadodara's local community also engaged during virtual sessions. This initiation was a rural and urban community connection to exchange cultural knowledge. And it is a first traingular cultural dialogue between Guest Speaker, Prayogillu, and Remote Prayogillu.

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