Reminding Forgotten Traditions of Cultures in Rural Telangana, India 

In rural places, survival activities are ecological balances and have sustainability. Gradually life in a rural area shifted when media and technology influenced the rural cultures and rituals and some of them have disappeared. Cultural practice in rural settings has an inherent social component. For instance, people sit together in one place to make natural leaf plates while having a conversation. For them, the conversation was the main component of their productive work. Conversation has become one of the tools in rural places to make their social and emotional life effective. My project aims to remind forgotten cultures in rural Telangana to build intergenerational social relations and educate the community.

Makka Gadaka (Coarse Corn Meals, Salt, & Water)-28th August, 2022

As part of "Remembering Forgotten Traditions of Culture in Telangana”, Prayogillu invited the local community to cook and eat together one of the staple foods of Telangana: “Makka Gadka" which is made out of coarse corn grits, salt, and water. It is plant-based and vegan. Local communities regardless of age and gender participated in this communal event to remember the forgotten nutritious food, Makka Gadaka. They engaged in conversation while they were cooking Gadaka. They ate Makka Gadaka with mango pickle and curd in "Istarlu" (handmade natural leaf). These handmade Istarlu (Natural Leaf Plates) address ecological balance and sustainability. Younger generations engaged with elderly people to learn this forgotten food dish. More than 90 people took part in this communal food event. Cooking started at 9 am on 28th August 2022, Sunday. This project created a positive and healthy social environment and educated the younger generation about forgotten cultures in rural Telangana.  In this way, this project enabled positive social relations among various communities in the village.