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Mentorship Based Artist in Residence

Prayogillu’s mentorship-based artist-in-residence serves as a vital bridge connecting young artists, mentors, and communities across diverse cultures. Annually, Praygillu carefully selects recent graduate students in fine arts from various Indian universities through a rigorous application process, offering them a residency of 15-30 days at Prayogillu. It is a community-oriented artist in residence, rooted in principles such as collaboration and collective efforts. Throughout the residency, Prayogillu encourages artists to delve into the exploration of local cultures, rituals, public schools, and community engagement. The emphasis lies on the artistic process rather than the final product, fostering a holistic approach to creativity. Prayogillu also leverages digital media interfaces to facilitate connections between residence artists and mentors, including artists and art professors from around the globe.


During their stay, young artists have the opportunity to engage in multicultural dialogue with mentors, gaining valuable insights into community-based practices. As part of the residency, artists conduct workshops with local communities, interact with public school students, and participate in various community programs. This comprehensive program not only nurtures emerging artists with guidance from multicultural mentors but also blurs cultural by facilitating conversations with local communities, fostering a deep understanding of their needs and concern. Overarching idea is to build a relationship between the artist and the local community, include community voices, ideas and perspective, engage in cross-cultural dialogue, and foster community building through collective efforts. 

Abhirami Raj (New Delhi based Artist, India) from August 15-30, 2023

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