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Prayogillu invited three interdisciplinary artists Stuti Bakshi (Dance Choreographer), Karan Ganatra (Visual Artist), and Sanjay Porwal (Yoga teacher) from Vadodara, Gujarat, India from March 6 to March 13, 2022. Artists and the local community emerged well for further cultural and creative dialogue back and forth. During this residence, artists had a conversation with the local community and, they visited the local public in various villages (MetlaChittapoor, Banda Lingapoor, and Venkat Rao pet) nearby Prayogillu (Vellulla village). Both communities engaged (Artists & local communities) to build urban and rural relations as well as friendships. Through this artist in residence program, Prayogillu is incorporating art and culture into rural communities. Stuti was sharing Gujarati cultural dance called Garba and Timli (tribal gujarati dance) with the local community. Sanjay engaged himself with the rural community for physical and mental well-being through yoga. Karan and the local community are involved together to make 3D objects with terracotta clay. Overall, these three interdisciplinary artists and the local community together brought a vibrant environment and conviviality in the village.

1st Artist In Residence (March 6 - 13, 2022)


From left: Karan, Stuti, and Sanjay

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