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Everyday Sports/Games (Traditional & Cultural)

Prayogillu’s everyday sports/games (traditional, cultural) are reimagining connections, connecting individuals with the richness of community life. 


Prayogillu's sports/games initiative brings people of all ages together in the village for play. Through active participation in sports/games, individuals temporarily withdraw from activities that may not contribute to their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being, and also from un-useful habits. This engagement creates a vibrant environment, fostering friendships among both youth and adults in the village, especially in this digital era. With the increasing use of mobile phones, people in villages are gradually transitioning from social interactions to isolation. Beyond the physical and social benefits, the sports initiative becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change in the community. Participants not only stay away from bad habits but also discover a shared purpose and a sense of belonging. The teamwork created on the playing field extends its positive influence into daily life, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices and reinforcing a sense of community responsibility. Prayogillu's sports/games (traditional, cultural) initiative aims to shift the trend from isolation to reconnecting with the richness of community, becoming a source of overall well-being for everyone in the village.

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