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1st Village Art Exhibition (March 12, 13, & 14)

Art Festival (Feb 6- Mar 6, 2022): Prayogillu organized the first ever art festival in Velllulla village for a month (February 6 – March 6, 2022).  Prayogillu’s volunteers distributed drawing sheets, color pastels, and color pencils to villagers during the art festival. Prayogillu encouraged all age groups and all communities from the village. This art festival is an attempt to incorporate art and culture into the Vellulla village. 

VIllage Art Exhibition: Prayogillu held an exhibition of artworks from the art festival at Yadav Community Hall on March 12, 13, & 14. In this exhibition, villagers enthusiastically took part to show their creativity and imagination about village and ruralness in their art regardless of age, gender, and caste. 10% population of the village actively participated in this exhibition. 

Advertisement of Art Festival & Exhibition: Prayogillu integrated digital and traditional (old school) methods to advertise the exhibition in rural villages around Vellulla. Prayogillu wanted to encourage handwork and remind old school methods in the village. Human interactions are mitigated since machines and digital gadgets enter society. Old school methods are very effective to build random human interactions and relations in the community. Prayogillu designed and printed 500 posters in Telugu. Volunteers took permission from landlords to stick posters on the village walls. Prayogillu used another effective old-school method,  “Advertisement Vehicle” for announcing art exhibition in the villages. One of the volunteers drove an advertisement vehicle to nine villages (Jeggasagar, MetlaChittapoor, Metpally, Banda Lingapoor, Vittampet, Atmanagar, Atmakur, Chaulamaddi, Arapet, Venkatrao Pet) nearby Vellulla village where Prayogillu located.

Prayogillu Village Art Exhibition's main objective is to bring local people together and appreciate their creativity and imagination.  

Art Festival Posters on Vellulla Village Walls 

Advertisement Vehicle For Announcing Art Exhibition In Nine Villages Near By Vellulla Village

Media Coverage: Eenadu Regional Telugu News Channel & News Paper

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