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Sustainable employment initiatives - Rural Yoga Instructors

Prayogillu has a primary objective, which is to provide training for rural communities through workshops and courses, enabling individuals to create a livelihood from these opportunities. One notable initiative is the Rural Yoga Instructor Project, a collaboration with the Life Spring Yoga Institute based in Vadodara, Gujarat.  Under this project, two individuals from Prayogillu will undergo every year online training to become certified Yoga Instructors through Yoga Instructor Course (YIC). Upon completion of the course, they receive a YIC certificate, empowering them to teach yoga and build a sustainable livelihood. Beyond offering economic opportunities, this project serves a dual purpose by also raising awareness about well-being in rural areas. Through the training and certification process, Prayogillu aims to foster a sense of community and promote overall wellness in rural regions. 


Yoga Instructors -2023


Maripelly Srilatha (1st Village Female Yoga Instructor)


Maripelly Pradeep (1st Village Male Instructor)

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