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Virtual Yoga Session for Girls/Women

Virtual yoga sessions started on 15th January 2022 at Prayogillu for girls/women in the village. Virtual yoga class was held from 8 am -9 am from Monday to Saturday. Initially yoga class started with 5-6 women. Gradually young girls were inspired by these women. Now the class is full of both young girls and older women from the village. Through this yoga, Prayogillu encourages girls/women to care for their physical and mental health. The female yoga teacher joins from Vadodara virtually to connect with the rural community. The yoga teacher could not speak Telugu and these women cannot understand Hindi. This class is a unique way of connecting through different languages. Gradually these women understand the teaching of yoga in Hindi. Yoga teachers also learn Telugu from them. Participants also discuss their physical and mental health with the yoga teacher. There is two-way interaction happening between yoga teachers and participants. In this way, women/girls in a rural area can develop their awareness of physical and mental health. During the 2nd COVID wave, many young people died in this rural area due to a lack of health awareness. This virtual yoga class raises awareness about basic health and helps to care for their families and prevent diseases. 

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