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Maggam and Embriodery Summer Workshop (1-31 May, 2023)

Prayogillu, an interdisciplinary place, recently organized a month-long summer workshop from May 1 to May 31, 2023, focusing on maggam and embroidery for the local community. The workshop witnessed enthusiastic participation from over 40 rural women and girls, all eager to learn the intricacies of these art forms. Babbili Rupa and Srija Jungula, the mentors for the workshop, played a crucial role in guiding and teaching the participants about the techniques of maggam and embroidery. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable in helping the participants develop their skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

The training sessions took place daily for two hours over the course of a month, providing a focused and immersive learning experience for the participants. They actively engaged in skill development exercises related to embroidery, honing their abilities and expanding their creative horizons. Prayogillu generously provided all the necessary materials to the participants without any charges. This inclusive approach ensured that financial constraints did not hinder anyone's access to the workshop or limit their learning potential. Through this workshop, the participants not only learned the skill of embroidery but also gained knowledge about the art of maggam work. These skills can be utilized to generate income by creating artwork and designing sarees.

Participants explored maggam and embroidery skills to create astonishing artworks for the exhibition. This exhibition attracted villagers and motivated many other women and girls in the rural area. This workshop has provided a platform for rural women and girls to learn valuable skills, foster creativity, and potentially earn a livelihood through their artwork

Participants Artworks

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